In the book template, you create a personal book of remembrance of the ceremony. The template is customized for funeral homes and you design the book content together with the relatives, so that it is unique to each specific occasion.
Newly taken pictures from e.g. the adorned ceremony room with the coffin, wreaths and flower greetings, you insert easily by dragging them to the desired location in the template. Naturally, you have access to inMemory's large archive with beautiful background motifs, flowers, symbols, and anything else that provides a personal setting. If necessary, you can also edit images directly in the system. You crop them easily and quickly, remove red eyes, add shadows and other things that may be needed to get to a perfect result. 
In addition to pictures, the book may also contain condolences, greetings and eulogy. The obituary and funeral program is uploaded with some clicks and when the book is finished, you just press the submit button and send it to us for printing.
Your original is then saved along with all your other orders in your own archive on our server. Therefore, they do not occupy a lot of space in your computer.